ÖFKs Unga Falkar förbereder sig för match mot Göteborg på söndag

Younglings pokal

Thea said ”Det kändes helt otrolig…Östersund har aldrig vunnit något så stort förut. AWESOME”

Last night’s meeting of the ÖFK YOUNGLINGS and we all get our hands on the Swedish Cup. Great memories…..hopefully repeated many times over the coming years.
On Sunday at our home game v IFK the Younglings will present flags and welcome our ÖFK boys onto the field.

It is not too late to join our Young Supporters Club. We have some places available. Please call at the Klubbshop for details and your membership card…….see you on Sunday!!!!

ÖFK – IFK Göteborg Söndag 23 april kl 17.30

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